What is Thermage® FLX?

Thermage® FLX is a unique, non-invasive, secure aesthetic procedure, that helps tighten your skin and connective tissues, and also stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen, without discomfort and with no regeneration time. One treatment per year can help retain your features and prevent the sagging of the skin without changing the patient’s characteristics.

Thermage® FLX is a pioneer in non-invasive skin tightening since 2002, that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to heat the deep collagen-rich layers of the skin for immediate tightening effect and long-term collagen production.

Because of these, the effect is immediate and the results improve over-time, and can last up to 12 months.

The treatment complements other aesthetic procedures, and using it frequently can be the perfect alternative for plastic surgeries with long regeneration and scarring.

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How it works?

In this video we show how the Thermage® FLX non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) technology works

What are the results of the Thermage® FLX?

After the Thermage® FLX treatment your skin would be smooth and tight, the sagging of the skin would start progressing.
The advantage of the Thermage® FLX is not only that it is not a surgery, and there is no injections/needles involved, but it is fast, comfortable, there is minimal discomfort and no regeneration time.

Due to the treatment, our body starts to produce new collagen, which makes the extracellular matrix more dense, so it has thightening and moisturising effect.
The results can last up to 5 years, depending ont he lifestyle (food, workout. etc.) age, condition of the skin.


Softened lines around the mouth, eyes, forehead.
Reduced wrinkles and decreased „hooding” for a more awakened look.
Improved definition on jawline and under the chin.
Improved contours and appearance of crepey skin and smoother skin.

In what areas can it be used?

(eyelid, upper face, middle face, lower face)

Why Thermage® FLX?

Everyone would like a tight, smooth skin without wrinkles, which can be attainable with this treatment without surgery and injections.

  • 18+ years of clinical experience
  • Over 2 million treatments in the world
  • Verified results and clinical eximinations
  • Latest technology
  • Patent Technology
  • Treatment without surgery and injections
  • No regeneration time
  • Non-invasive radiofrequency

Does it hurt?

Some areas might be more sensible and some discomfort might occur, but the treatment don’t cause intense pain, so local anesthesia isn’t needed.

What can you expect after the treatment?

25% of the final result would appear immediately, then the effect would improve in the following months.
Patient with more sensible skin might notice temporary redness or swelling after the treatment, but normally it passes after 24 hours.
After the treatment you can use makeup immediately and go back to your normal life.


  • „Dear Doctor! I would like to thank you for today’s treatment. It is like my skin has shrunk! It is fantastic! And the surface of my skin is as if it has been polised. I especially did not expect this, since the treatment works below the surface. Thank you very much!”
  • „I was the first one at your clinic to try the Thermage treatment out, and I was really excited and curious about it. I saw the immediate change (more awakened look, defined jawline, etc.) but a feedback from an old friend was the real recognition: last year I met a family at my freind’s wedding, then we saw each other again 1 week after my treatment. As I arrived home I already had a message from my friend: „Edina, our friends told me you look 10 years younger than last year at my wedding!!!!” What happened??!!”
    Edina, 41
  • „As a man it is hard to say anything about Thermage, because I don’t really look myself in the mirror very often and I’m content with my look. But what I really don’t want is to age remarkably. I was satisfied with all the other treatments, but I didn’t like that after the treatments it hurt for a few days, got bruised and I couldn’t continue my life as normal. I missed the workouts the most. I liked this treatment because it didn’t change the structure of my face, I didn’t have to put a hold onto my life and the only thing I could see after that my skin thightened. Since then a few people said I look fresher. I see myself every day, I don’t see that much of a difference but when I touch my face it feels a lot more dense, tight and smooth.”
    István, 47
  • „Dear Katinka! I was at your clinic yesterday to try the Thermage treatment and since then I am surprised every time I see myself in the mirror. Nothing special but still! 😊
    Tamara, 48
  • „Dear Doctor Katinka! My face is just simply beautiful. Thank you very much!”
    Zsuzsanna, 57
  • „I know that the Doctor said that not the immediate result is the most spectacular, but I can see that just as well. I love the improved definiton of my jawline, and the more flexible and dense skin! Thank You and your wonderful team that we have a chance to age aesthetically.”
    Katalin, 55
  • „I couldn't wait to try out the Thermage treatment, and to experience the results on myself that I saw on my friends. I saw that my eyebrows got lifted immediately, I got a more awakened look and my nasolabial folds got smoother, actually somehow everything on my face got lifted. After the treatment I feel that my face is tighter, and it feels like my skin is thinner. When I put makeup on, I have to put my blush higher. It's like my 30 year-old self looking back in the mirror, it feels incredible!”
    Mónika, 45
  • „I would describe my feelings about this treatment as it feels like the skin on my face shrank, thereby there is less skin on my face, so my skin is tighter! I had thread lifting before, but the threads only lift parts of your face, but this treatment refreshes my whole face. My eyebrows lifted, my jaw got more defined, which the threads never did. The middle part of my face got tighter and fuller. I cannot wait to see the other results, because after the treatment I already saw some, even more after 1 week.
    If my calculation is right the price of this treatment equals 2 full face thread lifting treatment so if it lasts more than 6 months (I only see the result of the thread lifting for 3 months, so 2x3=6) then it is worth it. I hear from everyone that I look beautiful, but they cannot pinpoint what changed and this is the best of it!”
    Helga, 48
  • „I am quite sceptic about aesthetic procedures, but now I have to say this treatment is a wonder! My tiny wrinkles are gone, my skin smoothed and simply I just look younger. Nothing shows it better than at the swimming pool I got offered adult ticket instead of pensionary.”
    Erzsébet, 76

Contact a representative for inquiry and registration

Hilda Mikó
aesthetic consultant

+36 30 324 6590